About Me

Hello! I am a unit stills photographer based in the South of England, working in the film and TV industry, capturing the amazing cast and crew while they work their magic.  I'm experienced in making elevated unit stills, BTS and stand alone portraits and specials on set or in a studio.  

I am always happy to travel or relocate and I have a mobile studio to go with me.  I shoot with the mirrorless Canon R5 and prime lenses. 

Before stumbling into Film and TV work I have been a documentary & editorial photographer for 15+ years, with much of my life working in China.  This chapter saw me visit nearly every corner of China and the Far East, from visiting illegal coal mines, meeting dissident artists such as Ai Weiwei to photographing the President of Taiwan.  Whilst there I also picked up Mandarin. 

To see my editorial work please visit:  www.jonbrowning.co.uk

Thank you! 

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